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Summer classes start June 15, 2024!

Teachers will mainly speak the learning language in class, so you get familiar with the language quickly.

Summer language classes begin June 15 and run through August 3, with no classes on July 6.

Tuition is $145, plus a $15 materials fee for most classes.

In-person classes are held at Pitzer College in Claremont.

Virtual classes are held on Zoom.

We offer Spanish, ASL, and Mandarin after-school programs, Spanish immersion summer camps, virtual classes, and private instruction. We accept most charter school funds.
Please contact us to learn more. (909) 226-9275 or

Interested in Summer Sessions?

Registration is now open for the Summer 2024 session, which starts on June 15! Click the button below to learn more.

In-Person Classes

In-Person Kids

Saturday Classes
TimeLanguageAge Group
8:15-9 amSpanish Parent & MeAges 18 mo-3
8:15-9 amChinese Parent & MeAges 18 mo-3
9-10 amSpanishAges 3-5
9-10 amChineseAges 6-12
9-10 amGerman Ages 6-12
9-10 amSpanish Heritage/Dual ImmersionAges 6-12
10-11 amSpanishAges 6-9
10-11 amSpanishAges 10-13
11 am-12 pmItalianAges 6-12
11 am-12 pmFrenchAges 6-12
Weekday Classes
TimeLanguageAge Group
10-11 am TuesdaysSpanish Ages 5-12
4:15-5:15 pm ThursdaysSpanishAges 5-12
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In-Person Adults

Saturday Classes
TimeLanguageAge Group
9-10 amESLAdults
10-11 amGermanAdults
11 am-12 pmChineseAdults
12-1 pmFrenchAdults
9-10 am & 12-1 pmSpanish 114 +
12-1 pmSpanish ConversationAdults
12-1 pmItalianAdults
1-2 pmASLAges 12+
Weekday Classes
TimeLanguageAge Group
5:30-6:30 pm ThursdaysSpanish Adults
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Virtual Classes

Take online classes on Zoom! 
Improve your conversational skills, grammar, and reading comprehension with live, online classes, professional teachers, and a schedule that works for you.

Virtual Kids

Weekday Classes
Time & DayLanguageAge Group
4:30-5 pm TuesdaysSpanish ConversationAges 5-12
4:30-5 pm ThursdaysSpanish ConversationAges 5-12
4:30-5:30 pm WednesdaysSpanishAges 5-12
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Virtual Adults

Wed & Saturday Classes
Time & DayLanguageAge Group
6-7 pm WednesdaysSpanishAdults
9-10 am SaturdaysPortugueseAdults
9-10 am SaturdaysEnglishAdults
12-1 pm SaturdaysSpanish ConversationAdults
12-1 pm SaturdaysJapanese (In-person Now)Ages 12+
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Unsure which class you or your child should enroll in?

Not a problem!

We offer both in-person and virtual Spanish classes at all skill levels.
We are happy to help you find the perfect fit! We will do a free language assessment for you over the phone or via Zoom.
Please call us at 909-226-9275 or sign up here.

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